Dance Allegro Academy

Providing the art and beauty of dance to the Treasure Valley

Our mission is to provide dance classes to students with informative, fun and physically stimulating instruction while boosting self-confidence. To that end, Dance Allegro Academy is committed to providing a safe atmosphere where students can learn, broaden and expand their understanding and skills within dance.





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Hip Hop






We are excited to announce open enrollment for FALL 2016!!! To enroll, visit our registration page.

We are also honored to announce Dance Allegro is THE ONLY Certified Gaynor Minden fitter and retailer in Western Idaho.

Please note, we are in the process of updating the website, please bare with us.


Current Class Schedule At A Glance

 Day  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

4-6 pm Ballet 6

4:15-5 pm Tiny Tap

5-6 pm Tap 1

6-7 pm Ballet 4

6-7 pm Tap 3

7-7:45 pm Ballet 1

7-8 pm Tap 4

7:45-9 pm Teen/Senior Co.

8-9 pm Tap 2


4-5 pm Ballet 5

4:15-5 pm Hippity Hop

5-6 pm Ballet 3

5-6 pm Hip Hop 1

6-6:45 pm Pre-Ballet

6-7 pm Hip Hop 2

6:45-8 pm Mini/Junior Co.

7-8 pm (TBD)

8-9 pm Lyrical/Contemporary 2

8-9 pm Musical Theatre

4-6 pm Ballet 6

4:15-5 Pre-Jazz

5-6 pm Jazz 1

6-7 pm Ballet 2

6-7 pm Jazz 4 W

7-8 Lyrical Contemporary 1

7-8 pm Jazz 6

8-9 pm Lyrical Contemporary 4

8-9 (TBD)


4-5pm Ballet 5

4-5pm Hip Hop 3

5-6pm Ballet 3

5-6 Hip Hop 4

6-7 Ballet 4

6-7 Jazz 2

7-8 Jazz 5

7-8 Jazz 3

8-9 Lyrical Contemporary 3

8-9 (TBD)

1:30-2:30 pm Adult Ballet

7-8 pm Boys Hip Hop




9:30-10:30 am Jazz 4 S




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